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The machining industry is evolving, and competition is increasing from one day to the next. shutterstock_265791638Our team is building an online community to help the machining industry optimize their operations with the modern world in mind.

By connecting to the best suppliers and uncovering the best solutions within this community, we believe that we can ease the unavoidable journey toward factories that are more automated and efficient than ever.

We aim to serve the engineers and managers within the industry who want to work on the cutting edge. By engaging our community, users can meet industry experts, find viable solutions to their problems, find business opportunities, take courses online, and more. We intend for our community to be the top online platform that works specifically for the industry, creating for the industry opportunities to connect and synergize.

To make you better, we intend to offer our users information, content, and connections all in one place. Simply put, our goal is to revolutionize the community that is based around the machining industry and to give all machining professionals a means to stay ahead of the curve and to keep up with progress.


The platform is created to help professionals further develop skills, solutions and expand their network and business value. Through that we will help you further reduce your operative waste and envision the future of your business.

We kindly ask you to follow our user agreement, where you agreed to (among other things):

Comply with all applicable laws, including, without limitation, privacy laws, intellectual property laws, anti-spam laws, export control laws, tax laws, and regulatory requirements;

The platform was initiated and is supported by Seco Consultancy Services but is driven as a brand neutral standalone project to foster industry collaboration and development. 

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